Remove Error #132 after installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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asked Apr 5, 2017 in Windows 10 by Madison

I’m getting an error message Error #132 with World of Warcraft crashing, this issue start appearing when I installed Anniversary update on my Windows 10 system. Please help me!

1 Answer

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answered Apr 20, 2017 by Editorial Staff (1,420 points)

Execute below given tricks to fix Error #132

Trick 1: Exit from all background apps OR close all the background apps. This is because to get rid of software conflicts.

Trick 2: Reset UI to fix files and add-on corruption issues.  

Trick 3: Execute ScanDisk > defragment your hard disk drive to fix any damaged files.

Trick 4: Run a full system scan to fix any viruses or malware.

Trick 5: Simply update system drivers to fix compatibility issues.

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