Will Microsoft Automatically Update my System to the Latest Release of Windows 10?

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asked Apr 5, 2017 in Windows 10 by Matthew

Hey I have recently installed Windows 10 and I just want to make sure whether Microsoft will automatically update my system to the latest release of Windows 10. I am little but confused. Please help me out!!!

1 Answer

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answered Apr 5, 2017 by PC GURU (2,340 points)

To check, whether your Windows 10 will automatically update the latest release in the following ways:

  • Press the start button
  • Right-click on My computer and then select properties.
  • Click on Action Center.
  • Click on Windows Update,
  • Then click on Change settings.
  • Then you will find Sub heading- Important updates, just below that you will get to know the status of your Windows 10 updates. There are generally four options, you have to select any of the options and the system would work accordingly.
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