Do I need an antivirus for Windows 10?

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asked Aug 3, 2018 in Windows 10 by Sami
I’m using Windows 10 and my question is do I need any third party antivirus software to protect my Laptop.

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answered Aug 17, 2018 by PC GURU (2,340 points)

Windows 10 is packed with the Windows Defender which is a legitimate antivirus protection plan. We know that not all antivirus tools work same but Defender will help you to get rid of all types of malicious infection from your computer.

Hence, you don’t need any other third-party antivirus program.

Few other Windows 10 Security features that designed to make your system free from the virus are:         

  1. Windows Defender Smart Screen
  2. Windows Defender Application Guard
  3. User Account Control
  4. Windows Defender Device Guard
  5. Windows Defender Exploit Guard
  6. Microsoft BitLocker
  7. Windows Defender Credential Guard

So, if you want to protect your Windows 10 Computer without wasting money then you should activate Windows Defender and other security features. 


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