Unable to Signing in to The Xbox App!

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asked Apr 5, 2017 in Windows 10 by Liam

Hi!! I am unable to sign in to the XBOX app. Whenever I try to login, it displays the same error: “We are unable to sign you in at the moment. Please Try aging later (0x409) 0x8000FFFF.”

I have tried different solution with the help of some sites but was unable to do so. Please suggest me something!!!

1 Answer

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answered Apr 5, 2017 by Editorial Staff (1,380 points)

Follow the below given steps to fix the issues while signing in to Xbox App

  1. Press ‘Windows + R’
  2. ‘Run’window will open and then type ’MSCONFIG’and press Enter or press OK.
  3. Select ‘General’tab, from the list of options select the option ‘Normal Startup’, and then press ‘OK’.
  4. After that it will ask you to restart the computer then click on ‘Restart’.

This would fix this issue.

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