Solve Low Storage Space Problem On Windows 10 Anniversary Update!

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asked Apr 5, 2017 in Windows 10 by Samantha

Currently I am using Windows 10 laptop with a 32 GB SSD. I used to carry out small tasks like emails and internet surfing. This is all what I need and it is enough for me. However, when I tried to upgrade to the anniversary edition I get the error that I have not enough disk space.

The storage utility reports that 29.1 GB is actually available, out of which 9.5 GB is used for system and 5.25 GB for apps and games and rest for some preinstalled apps.

Is there any way to fix this issue? Please help me out!!!!

1 Answer

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answered Apr 5, 2017 by jason (300 points)

This update issue is very common, but don’t worry as you can easily fix this issue after applying given fixes: 

  • You can use Disk cleanup tool in order to fix Low Storage Space.
  • Try an External USB Drive to Fix Low Storage Space Issue on Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • Remove unnecessary data from system drive in order to free up the system space.
  • Uninstall unwanted/ unused applications to Free Up Storage Space
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