Constant Flashing loading Icon (Blue Circle) next to my Mouse.

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asked Apr 7, 2017 in PC Performance & Maintenance by Gabriel

The cursor displays the active symbol in every 4-5 seconds, no matter where the pointer of the mouse is, whether it is on the desktop or on any other regular icon. And when it is placed in the text window it changes to the text cursor and ceases to flash. I have even changed the icon but still the same problem persists.

I am using Windows 7 home 64 bit, with AMD athlon II 255 Processor 3.10 GHz and 2 GB of Ram and have Avast anti-virus running on my computer. Windows firewall is in on state, and no other changes are being performed.

I have even formed the full scan as well as boot scan, but still the problem persists. Kindly provide me the solution to fix this problem.

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answered Apr 20, 2017 by PC GURU (2,340 points)

The solution is very easy, simply open up the task manager, click on the "more details" and find Windows Explorer task. Now reboot it.

That’s it, by doing this simple task, you can get rid of mouse flickering issue. It is also recommended to clean unwanted/junk files from the system memory and remove unwanted apps as soon as possible. With this, you can make your system performance better and hence you don’t have to face such type of issues.

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